Commit 59c9cd16 authored by anonymous's avatar anonymous Committed by Jérôme Jutteau

Translated using Weblate (Hebrew)

Currently translated at 10.7% (12 of 112 strings)
parent fa9b63f0
"Jirafeau, your web file repository": "",
"Select a file": "",
"Send": "",
"Uploading ...": "",
"One time download": "",
"Password": "",
"Time limit": "",
"Maximum file size": "",
"Jirafeau, your web file repository": "Jirafeau , אתר הקבצים שלך ",
"Select a file": "בחר קובץ לשתף",
"Send": "שלח",
"Uploading ...": "מעלה את הקבצים שלך ...\n",
"One time download": "הגבל הורדה לפעם אחת",
"Password": "סיסמה",
"Time limit": "הגבלת זמן",
"Maximum file size": "גודל קובץ מקסימלי",
"powered by Open-Source project Jirafeau": "",
"Made with": "",
"Made with": "נוצר באמצעות",
"Jirafeau Project": "",
"One minute": "",
"One hour": "",
"One minute": "דקה אחת",
"One hour": "שעה אחת",
"One day": "",
"One week": "",
"One month": "חודש אחד",
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