1. 15 Apr, 2021 2 commits
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      Merge branch 'master' into 'master' · ea19b027
      Arnaud Ferraris authored
      Add a 100ms delay before PWRKEY sequence
      See merge request !11
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      Add a 100ms delay before PWRKEY sequence · 528fe7e0
      Djhg2000 authored
      This brings the power on sequence in line with the EG25-G Hardware Design
      datasheet, which states we need to wait at least 30 ms after VBAT becomes stable
      before pulling PWRKEY low (first action of the power on sequene).
      After this change the sequence becomes as follows:
      - Set RESET_N high
      - Wait 60 ms (double 30 ms)
      - Execute PWRKEY sequence
      60 ms was choosen because we don't know when VBAT becomes stable, but it should
      be much less than an additional 30 ms. Empirical evidence suggests PinePhone
      units with a healthy battery do not see serious side effects from not doing
      this, while the modem will fail to boot and/or throw random errors on boot with
      a worn out battery.
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  7. 24 Feb, 2021 1 commit
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      Set URC config to 'all' instead of 'usbat' · 04eed249
      Biktor authored
      dquote> When using a custom kernel, if this setting is set to 'usbat' only, no RING urc is reported on any interface. Changing QURCCFG to 'all' makes the modem report RINGs on all supported interfaces, making receiving calls possible when using a custom firmware
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      suspend: add boot timer · b8d269cf
      Dylan Van Assche authored
      The EG25 modem needs at least 2 minutes after indicating 'RDY'
      to be fully operational. If the modem is suspended before that,
      calls or texts may not be seen by the userspace.
      This mostly occurs when a full reboot or poweroff/poweron
      sequence of the phone is performed.
  11. 16 Feb, 2021 2 commits