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Commit 976cefe7 authored by Richard Winters's avatar Richard Winters 🌚
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 - Fixed donation button links
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......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ covers many things on a per-project basis, however, we find that we re
If you like our software, please consider making a donation. Donations help greatly to maintain the Massively Modified network and continued support of our open source offerings:
[![Donate via](](
[![Donate via](](
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......@@ -393,4 +393,4 @@ When a vulnerability is discovered, we create a [confidential issue] to track it
If you cannot contribute time or energy to neither the code base, documentation, nor community support; please consider making a monetary contribution which is extremely useful for maintaining the Massively Modified network and all the goodies offered free to the public.
[![Donate via](](
[![Donate via](](
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