1.1.0 rc2

If you have some unexpected results, please logout and login again. If that did not help, reinstall the app. If that did not help either, please report the issue.

🎉 New

  • Add collaborator to repository
  • User can now edit his/her own comments
  • See who are your followers
  • See who you are following
  • Russian translation


  • Update the badge on the new issue
  • Update repo call in org when a new issue is created.
  • Horizontal scroll for titles which are bigger than the screen size like in reply to issue etc in the header nav.
  • Added edited status for single issue and comments
  • Redesign profile screen

🐛 Fixed

  • subdirectory in branches url


  • Please use Gitea 1.7.x or above for better app experience.
  • Help us translate it to your native language. If you are not sure, create an issue and I will be happy to help.