1.1.0 rc1

If you have some unexpected results, please logout and login again. If that did not help, reinstall the app. If that did not help either, please report the issue.

🎉 New

  • Redesign the whole app experience in terms of fonts, colors, ux adjustments and ui fixes
  • New font
  • Issues counter badge. Can be enabled/disabled from settings
  • Redesigned settings screen
  • Create a team in Organization
  • List organization members
  • List organization teams
  • List team members in organization by tapping on the team name
  • Repository list for the organization. Tap on organization.
  • Show the repositories list starred by the logged in user


  • Login api calls for http status code 500
  • Font sizes, color schemes
  • Labels, user avatars, menus
  • Added names to collaborators grid in repository view instead of tap
  • Refactored and redesigned About screen
  • Reply to issue button is now at the nav header

🐛 Fixed

  • Collaborators avatar layout grid
  • Malformed json in logins


  • Please use Gitea 1.6.x or above for better app experience.
  • Help us translate it to your native language. If you are not sure, create an issue and I will be happy to help.