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prepare release 1.4.0

See merge request mmarif4u/gitnex!140
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......@@ -26,11 +26,10 @@ Option 2 - Open terminal(Linux) and cd to the project dir. Run `./gradlew build`
- My Repositories
- Repositories list
- Organizations list
- Create new repository
- Create new organization
- AND MORE ...
For complete list, [check features page](
- Create repository
- Create organization
- Issues list
## Contributing
......@@ -50,6 +49,8 @@ For complete list, [check features page](
[Troubleshoot Guide](
[How to](
## Thanks
Thanks to all the open source libraries, contributors and donators.
- New: Add/remove assignees
- New: Users list - Admin only
- New: Search users - filter by name, username and email
- Enhancement: Rate me link to play store
- Enhancement: Enhance About screen
- Enhancement: 4 cols in users gridview - collaborators
- Fixed: Crash when issue badge is disabled
For more, check the release notes.
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