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    Updated Sun Dec 16 18:27:15 2018 · fb301b75
    Markus Kanet authored
    New MegaPatch V3.3r2 snapshot:
    New GeoDOS 64 V2.97(German) snapshot:
    * NOTE *
    I have done some testing on both
    releases but there is still some work
    to do... do not expect these releases
    as "100% stable".
    New in MegaPatch64:
    * Switch DiskImages on SD2IEC devices.
      Select the second arrow-down on the
      right to switch the disk image.
    * If you replace a SD2IEC with 1541/71/81
      the required drive ROM will be loaded
      automatically. DiskImage browser will
      ask for a valid diskimage afterwards.
      The browser will display directories
      and matching diskimages only. Unlike the
      GeoDOS disk image browser there is no
      additional ">"-sign to mark directories.
      A double-click will open the directory
      or the selected disk image.
    New in MegaPatch64/128:
    * Do not automatically convert RAM-Native
      to GEOS disks.
    * Display NativeMode disk size in full
      KByte including reserved disk space for
      the directory.
    New in GeoDOS 64 since last snapshot:
    * Do not automatically format NativeMode
      disk drives to GEOS disks.
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