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    Updated Sat Jan 26 16:00:14 2019 · ec944678
    Markus Kanet authored
    New MegaAssembler source V4.0.
    * Fixed a bug when compiling a source
      file and an error occurs. If the
      programm also exceeds a defined end
      adress of the programm using one of
      the opcodes 'e' or 'g' MegaAss will
      crash when creating the error file.
    * Updated the info screen and display
      all disk drives.
    Note: Before V4 the program size during
    pass#2 showed the end adress of the
    program +1 byte. This was confusing.
    Also fixed displaying the program size
    on the info screen.
    Note that the infoblock for a geos file
    still show up one extra byte due to
    ":SaveFile" which requires it that way.
    Might be fixed in the future.
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