Commit 58c32657 authored by Yashu Mittal's avatar Yashu Mittal 👍🏻

Fix: Make user avatar and name show up

parent b227ea89
......@@ -19,15 +19,12 @@
<footer class="post-card-meta">
<ul class="author-list">
<li v-for="author in cardData.authors" class="author-list-item" :key="author">
<div class="author-name-tooltip">
{{ getAuthorData(author).name }}
<a v-if="getAuthorData(author).image" :href="'/author/' + getAuthorData(author).username" class="static-avatar">
<img class="author-profile-image" :src="getAuthorData(author).image" :alt="getAuthorData(author).name" />
<li v-for="author in" class="author-list-item" :key="">
<div class="author-name-tooltip">{{ }}</div>
<a v-if="author.image" :href="'/author/' +" class="static-avatar">
<img class="author-profile-image" :src="author.image" :alt="" />
<a v-else :href="'/author/' + getAuthorData(author).username" class="static-avatar author-profile-image">
<a v-else :href="'/author/' +" class="static-avatar author-profile-image">
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