Commit cb810e09 authored by marcheing's avatar marcheing

Add translations for send content form

Signed-off-by: Diego de Araújo Martinez Camarinha's avatarDiego Araújo <>
parent dbf8818b
successfully_created_video: Successfully created video
send_content: Send content
author: Author
terms_of_service_html: "I've read and agreed with the <a href=\"#\">Terms of Service</a>"
video: Video
select_file: Select File
title: Title
description: Description
director: Director
co_director: Co-director
team: Team
soundtrack: Soundtrack
specific_location: Is this video's theme about an specific location?
adult: Adult video
allow_commentary: Allow comments
register: Register
successfully_created_video: Video criado com sucesso
send_content: Envio de Conteúdo
author: Autor(a)
terms_of_service_html: Li e concordo com o <a href="#">Regulamento e Termos de Uso</a>
video: Video
select_file: Selecionar Arquivo
title: Título
description: Descrição
director: Diretor(a)
co_director: Codiretor(a)
team: Equipe
soundtrack: Trilha Sonora
specific_location: O tema do vídeo é sobre uma cidade ou local específico?
adult: Vídeo adulto
allow_commentary: Permitir comentários
register: Cadastrar
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