Commit a9ea9713 authored by marcheing's avatar marcheing Committed by Diego de Araújo Martinez Camarinha

Add coverage for teaspoon tests

Signed-off-by: Diego de Araújo Martinez Camarinha's avatarDiego Araújo <>
parent c7f9b9df
......@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@ Teaspoon.configure do |config|
# Specify that you always want a coverage configuration to be used. Otherwise, specify that you want coverage
# on the CLI.
# Set this to "true" or the name of your coverage config.
#config.use_coverage = nil
config.use_coverage = true
# You can have multiple coverage configs by passing a name to config.coverage.
# e.g. config.coverage :ci do |coverage|
......@@ -166,11 +166,11 @@ Teaspoon.configure do |config|
# Which coverage reports Istanbul should generate. Correlates directly to what Istanbul supports.
# Available: text-summary, text, html, lcov, lcovonly, cobertura, teamcity
#coverage.reports = ["text-summary", "html"]
coverage.reports = ['text-summary', 'html', 'text']
# The path that the coverage should be written to - when there's an artifact to write to disk.
# Note: Relative to `config.root`.
#coverage.output_path = "coverage"
coverage.output_path = 'coverage'
# Assets to be ignored when generating coverage reports. Accepts an array of filenames or regular expressions. The
# default excludes assets from vendor, gems and support libraries.
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