Commit d4670902 authored by Martin Santangelo's avatar Martin Santangelo

Merge branch 'fix/image-picker-videos-ios-13' into release/3.11.0

parents 45045ac6 9acb7311
......@@ -8538,10 +8538,9 @@ [email protected]^1.4.1:
invariant "^2.2.4"
prop-types "^15.7.2"
[email protected]^1.1.0:
version "1.1.0"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-/KjHf4NNAjl6XM7FQuqvGDz1wB9sRdLf86+2yksLW/QTRR7CitX4TLCM8ZF9CX6Y0MsCTndkZia3zWE+nt/GiA==
[email protected]/react-native-image-picker#8cc7fc453c3b5f0f8d7b2cb6cf25690008740d0e:
version "0.28.1"
resolved ""
[email protected]^1.1.1:
version "1.1.1"
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