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......@@ -3,18 +3,18 @@ Minds
Minds is an open-source, encrypted and reward-based social networking platform.
## Repositories
Minds is split into multiple components:
Minds is split into multiple repositories:
- [Engine]( - Backend code & APIs
- [Front]( - Client side Angular2 web app
- Sockets (Coming Soon) - WebSocket server for real-time communication
- [Sockets]( - WebSocket server for real-time communication
- [Mobile]( - React Native mobile apps
Please also see:
- [Mobile](
Plugins will eventually be migrated to their own repositories.
## Documentation
The below do
Documentation for Minds can be found at [](
1. [Installation](
1. [Requirements](
......@@ -48,6 +48,6 @@ Please report all security issues to [](mailto:security@minds.
## Credits
[PHP](, [Cassandra](, [Angular2](, [Nginx](, [Ubuntu](, [OpenSSL](, [RabbitMQ](, [Elasticsearch](, [Cordova](, [Neo4j](, [Elgg](, [Node.js](, [MongoDB](, [Redis](, [WebRTC](, [](, [TinyMCE](, [Ionic](, [Requirejs](, [OAuth](, [Apigen](, [Braintree]( If any are missing please feel free to add.
___Copyright Minds 2012 - 2017___
___Copyright Minds 2012 - 2018___
Copyright for portions of Minds are held by [Elgg](, 2013 as part of the [Elgg]( project. All other copyright for Minds is held by Minds, Inc.
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