Release notes for alpha 10

New in this release:

  • The Breathing dialog has been redesigned
  • Breathing notifications are now using system notifications instead of a custom notification
  • New settings GUI - the settings have been simplified
    • Please note that settings are not backwards compatible with the alpha6 release
  • The rest reminders and rest screen has been removed, and only breathing reminders remain
    • The reason is to simplify and have a single aim for the application. If you are looking for rest reminder applications to complement Mindfulness at the Computer please have a look at these programs: Workrave, Stretchly

Technical notes:

  • The data storage is now implemented in a completely different way, using JSON to store application settings instead of sqlite
  • PySide6 is now used for the GNU/Linux builds as well as for the PyPI build (PyQt5 is still used for Windows because of build issues with Windows+PySide6)

Installation: Please see the official website