Commit c5d03841 authored by Morteza Zand's avatar Morteza Zand
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same mistake :|

parent 036e1731
......@@ -39,22 +39,22 @@ def jmp(db, argList):
def inc(db, argList):
db[argList[0]] = float(db[argList[0]]) + 1
db[argList] = float(db[argList]) + 1
def And(db, argList):
db[argList[0]]= (float(db[arg[0]]) and float(db[arg[1]]))
db[arg[0]]= (float(db[arg[0]]) and float(db[arg[1]]))
def Or(db, argList):
db[argList[0]]= (float(db[arg[0]]) or float(db[arg[1]]))
db[arg[0]]= (float(db[arg[0]]) or float(db[arg[1]]))
def ISZ(db, argList):
db[argList[0]]= float(db[argList[0]]) + 1
if float(db[argList[0]])==0:
db[argList]= float(db[argList]) + 1
if float(db[argList])==0:
db["pc"]= int(db["pc"]) + 1
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