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    Fixing deletion and query of history in SQLite database · 21edfe3a
    Luis authored
    HistoryWeb class
    Adding variable date and id to the secondary constructor of the HistoryWeb class
    History class
    OnOptionsItemSelected function is added where the delete button is selected and this by means of a message gives notice with two buttons, one for a Yes and another Cancel if it really wants to
    delete the entire history.
    If you click on the Yes, the history is deleted and you return to the main menu.
    If you click on the Cancel it keeps the history and remains on the screen of the same.
    The database attribute calls the deleteHistory() function that is responsible for executing the action.
    The intent is modified so that once the url is selected it s loaded in the main activity, in this case in the BrowserActivity
    HistoryRepository interface
    The deleteHistory():Boolean function is modified to deleteHistory()
    The parameter item declared as HistoryWeb is added to the addVisitHistoryEntry(url: String, title: String, item: HistoryWeb) function.
    HistoryCRUD class
    The validate variable is deleted.
    The addVisitHistoryEntry(url: String, title: String, item: HistoryWeb) function is overwritten and the date and time value is entered into the database.
    A query is made to know if the url is already in the database or not, in case the visited site is updated the date and time in the History table and in case it is not added the url is added in the database through a function called addHistory that paste in the History table.
    HistoryContract class
    It is added to the KEY_TIME_VISITED column of the history table.
    The database version is changed to 2
    Adding column KEY_TIME_VISITED to createHistoryTable
    The web variable that receives the url string from the History class is added.
    The condition is added to know if the web variable is null or not, if it is not, the urlBar is set with the site and displayed on the screen.
    The addVisitHistoryEntry() function is added to be able to save in the SQLite CRUD.
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