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Exercise_06_60, version1

See merge request bpcarm/trainings2017!1313
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a) template < class A >
int sum( int num1, int num2, int num3 )
return num1 + num2 + num3; ///in all places written "int" must be "A"
void printResults( int x, int у )
cout « "The sum is " « x + у « ' \n';
return x + y; /// can't return smth, because function's return type is void
template < A > ///must be < typename A >
A product ( A numl, A num2, A num3 )
return numl * num2 * num3;
double cube( int );
int cube( int ) ; ///Compiler will give an error because it has no way to determine which version to call
///(2nd prototype ambiguates the decleration of the 1st).
/// Need to use function overloading, which gives an opportunity to have functions having the same name
///but different argument types.
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