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      Merge branch 'fix/issue-10' into 'master' · 5fe98dc8
      Michał Góral authored
      Synchronize feed count whenever Feed Commas communicates with a backend.
      Closes #10
      See merge request !3
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      Synchronize feed count whenever Feed Commas communicates with a backend. · 26bf8671
      Michał Góral authored
      It means that currently there are two situations when feed count (in menu) is
          - when user changes currently highlighted feed
          - when user navigates feeds (next "page" is loaded)
      This is because CommaFeed likes to fetch feeds at the time user navigates some
      of them. In this case there could be displayed more unread feeds than it'd be
      indicated in the menu. It's a workaround for this situation (though there could
      still be a race condition between two requests to CF - it's unavoidable because
      of the way how CF's API is designed [we can't atomically get all the information
      we want]).
      Also, because it'd look strange otherwise, we'll now use
      DisplayController.load(), which has additional effect of blocking interface
      until everything's loaded, so we work around another issue which occurs when
      user quickly selects many different feeds or categories (we can't be sure which
      would be loaded first). Note that Feed Commas can be still exited by pressing
      Ctrl-C, even when blocked. The proper solution, however, would be implementing
      request queue (see issues #9 and #14), but if CF would be very slow to respond,
      the interface would still look unresponsive to the user.
      This fixes issue #10
  6. 28 Apr, 2017 1 commit
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      Handle SIGINT · eb242952
      Michał Góral authored
      Feed Commas will now gracefully shutdown after SIGINT is sent to it. This
      requires that from now on we disallow other exitting than leaving main loop and
      returning from main(), as all cleanup is handled there (atexit is not sufficent
      as it guarantees LIFO functions executions and doesn't clean when program exits
      because of signal).
      This closes issue #11.
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