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  • 1.0   Release 1.0
    be53d8b9 · Release 1.0 ·

    Completion Release

    Since the last release all the features implemented so far have been used in several projects and resulted in numerous fixes in all areas this tool tries to touch. This resulted in the fact, that from the list of features intended for a release covering the original idea of TrackDown, all issues have be resolved.

    The complete list can be found here and here. Of course it was extracted using TrackDown itself.

    The currently open issues deal with the mirror feature and some nice to have things.


    If you are updating from a release prior to 0.3 keep the update steps mentioned for that release in mind. For this release no additional steps are required.

  • 0.3   Release 0.3 to add Mercurial/hg support

    Mercurial Support Release

    Starting with this release, TrackDown is not limited to the use of GIT as a DVCS repository backend, since Mercurial (hg) support was added with the same functionality in place as for GIT. Along that way, a number of issues related to the discovery of the VCS folders and parameters has been discovered and resolved. So in general this release is safer with the setup procedure modifying your repository and local folders. To support this safety despite the changes all over the code, a testing facility has been added, and the first test cases have been introduced. This made it necessary to change the building and packaging gradle script with a nearly complete rewrite. Be prepared that the delivery ZIP-file has a different directory structure.

    Update If you are using TrackDown with the separate Issue Collection branch with the copy in a local, hidden folder below .git/, it is recommended to re-setup that configuration.

    rm -r .git/trackdown .trackdown issues.md roadmap.md
    trackdown.sh use

    All other setups, where you might have used parameters for the initialization, and all the mirror flavours are not affected. GIT users - again except when using the mirror feature - will additionally want to issue

    trackdown.sh update

    to bring the commit hook script in sync, which is now used as a symbolic link to the common hook for Mercurial and GIT.

  • 0.2   Release 0.2 to support local mirrors of other issue trackers

    Mirror Release

    Trackdown in its existing shape was intended to do the whole ticketing for smaller projects and smaller teams inside this tool. I discovered that the option to at least get a mirror of online issue tracker with the same format and Markdown rendering like the trackdown issue collection and its roadmap overview for offline use and overview, is a very helpful tool even for the larger projects I'm currently working on.

    As a result, starting with this release, trackdown not only supports to manage the issue collection manually with the support of the commit-hook for actions in source code commit messages. It also support setting up of mirror for the common GIT providers with custom online issue tracking facililties:

    I'm deliberately leaving out any GIT provider with no project related Wiki support, since I consider those a non-option to get real work done. I set up a demonstrator how these providers and their possibilities fit together with trackdown - be it as a complete tool or only with the mirror views of the issue collection to roadmap of you project.

  • 0.1   0.1
    d6ca823e · Enhance documentation ·

    Introduction Release

    After a while of stabilizing things around the small TrackDown tool, it is now time to do a formal first release. Except for one known bug and one missing feature for release note extraction from the issue collection file, everything is working quite well for the intended use case.