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# Issues resolved in 1.0
## ASSIGNMENT of issues should be part of the format and tooling (resolved)
We need a facility to deal with assignments of tickets to illustrate, who
is currently working on an issue at least as an optional part of the format.
Additionally some support in the tooling is needed to list issues assigned
to the current user
Martin Goellnitz / Sun Nov 13 14:47:12 2016 [0aaf357d1474a3877db9da977b9aadba7d9ed6a5](https://github.com/mgoellnitz/trackdown/commit/0aaf357d1474a3877db9da977b9aadba7d9ed6a5)
refs #ASSIGNMENT of issues to me now listable
## COPY release notes. (resolved)
When closing a release or sprint, it should be possible to copy all the resolved
issues to a new Markdown file to remove them from the issue
collection and have a contribution to release notes.
Martin Goellnitz / Tue Dec 6 00:40:57 2016 [54ffed9d2f60172195089bdbd13c6bca4828c98b](https://github.com/mgoellnitz/trackdown/commit/54ffed9d2f60172195089bdbd13c6bca4828c98b)
refs #COPY release notes
Martin Goellnitz / Tue Dec 6 00:53:17 2016 [42a073d10652ea3d3c72d82b72ca0f77c7511bb0](https://github.com/mgoellnitz/trackdown/commit/42a073d10652ea3d3c72d82b72ca0f77c7511bb0)
refs #COPY command needs documentation
Martin Goellnitz / Sun Dec 18 19:47:41 2016 [3afd354f7313dbe442aad2eda95b6352d1df196b](https://github.com/mgoellnitz/trackdown/commit/3afd354f7313dbe442aad2eda95b6352d1df196b)
refs #COPY of the release notes should reside next to roadmap file
Martin Goellnitz / Fri Dec 23 01:30:25 2016 [b88c3678c4daff263afba4a6a672bba904f37103](https://github.com/mgoellnitz/trackdown/commit/b88c3678c4daff263afba4a6a672bba904f37103)
refs #COPY issues fixed after file discovery change
Martin Goellnitz / Tue, 1 May 2018 15:19:40 [64d410709c4e38c6a627cdf58a6fffbedecdaf4f](https://github.com/mgoellnitz/trackdown/commit/64d410709c4e38c6a627cdf58a6fffbedecdaf4f)
resolves #COPY release notes with correct last issue in list
## ROADMAP should show percentage for issues already started (resolved)
As with the number of resolved issues there should be a second value for the
work in progress.
Martin Goellnitz / Tue Nov 8 20:03:51 2016 [2535f73db2aca2049a018f5b705e2604dc98f28b](https://github.com/mgoellnitz/trackdown/commit/2535f73db2aca2049a018f5b705e2604dc98f28b)
refs #ROADMAP output enhancement
Martin Goellnitz / Wed Nov 9 00:55:22 2016 [0bd7768acc26577da36ae808e21d72deb70452e7](https://github.com/mgoellnitz/trackdown/commit/0bd7768acc26577da36ae808e21d72deb70452e7)
resolve #ROADMAP enhancements
## SETUP tracking repository symmetrically (resolved)
The local tracking branch with its special checkout should be set up
symmetrically to the root repository checkout with simple push style and user
and email taken from the root repository.
Martin Goellnitz / Wed Nov 9 01:42:57 2016 [674b85ec7bebbf36618b000098c9195893fc3f90](https://github.com/mgoellnitz/trackdown/commit/674b85ec7bebbf36618b000098c9195893fc3f90)
resolve #SETUP tracking repository symmetrically
Martin Goellnitz / Mon, 19 Mar 2018 00:12:44 [3d0844eb3720d89be782937947adf6d4def8cad9](https://github.com/mgoellnitz/trackdown/commit/3d0844eb3720d89be782937947adf6d4def8cad9)
fixes #SETUP of tracking branch origin
## SYNCHRONIZE roadmap also on unhandled commits (resolved)
The roadmap file should be updated on every commit since there might be
changes in the issue collection file not produced by the commit hook script -
e.g. by manual modification - which still might affect the roadmap.
Martin Goellnitz / Wed Nov 9 01:26:57 2016 [b5187ae2af3e8718fc943ccc21bbe1fd91458174](https://github.com/mgoellnitz/trackdown/commit/b5187ae2af3e8718fc943ccc21bbe1fd91458174)
refs #SYNCHRONIZE roapmap on every commit
Martin Goellnitz / Wed Nov 9 01:32:00 2016 [4802cb811866529bcb52b100693219a206fa1e43](https://github.com/mgoellnitz/trackdown/commit/4802cb811866529bcb52b100693219a206fa1e43)
resolve #SYNCHRONIZE roadmap also on otherwise unhandled commits
## ROOT directory of the source code must be a valid roadmap and issue file location (resolved)
Due to forced set of symbolic links in the root directory of the source code
respository to the roadmap and issue collection file, the 'use' step fails.
Martin Goellnitz / Tue Sep 6 21:29:12 2016 +0200
refs #ROOT - make root directory of source code a valid place for the issue collection file and roadmap file
## UPDATE command for the commit hook (resolved)
Add an update command so that the commit hook can be updated alongside the
tool script to be in sync.
## HASH of the commit should be part of the listing (resolved)
When adding a commit note to the issue collection file, the hash of that
commit should be part of the message alongside with the date and author.
## PREFIX hashes in commit notes to form a URL (resolved)
Many git implementations provide links to single commits with their changes
and other information. Provide configuration options for TrackDown to extend
the commit hashes to full URLs when adding a commit note to the issues
collection file resulting in callable HTTP-links.
Martin Goellnitz / Tue Nov 8 19:22:15 2016 (commit 7931fbc6a6379032e19733af3f343261989c1108)
refs #PREFIX commit hashes to form clickable URLs
Martin Goellnitz / Tue Nov 8 19:43:10 2016 [0d0f42e3606654c2b036113e411ee313ce4f9493](https://github.com/mgoellnitz/trackdown/commit/0d0f42e3606654c2b036113e411ee313ce4f9493)
resolve #PREFIX commit hashes to form clickable links
## MULTIISSUE There can be only one issue per commit. (resolved)
Right now we only support the extraction of one issues ID per [GIT](http://git-scm.com/) commit.
Martin Goellnitz Tue Dec 6 18:20:48 2016
refs #MULTIISSUE command can be issues in the commit message
Martin Goellnitz Tue Dec 6 18:52:52 2016
fixes #MULTIISSUE needed documentation and a fix
## MERCURIAL support should be added with the same functionality as GIT (resolved)
Like the scenario where TrackDown is used with a special branch within your
GIT repository, this setup can also be achieved with Mercurial / hg.
Martin Goellnitz Wed Dec 7 00:46:36 2016
refs #MERCURIAL flavour of this projects started - hook equivalent completely missing
Martin Goellnitz Wed Dec 7 01:57:12 2016
refs #MERCURIAL got its own hook implementation
Martin Goellnitz Thu Dec 8 11:56:56 2016
refs #MERCURIAL ignore file fixed
Martin Goellnitz Sat Dec 17 21:17:49 2016
refs #MERCURIAL repositories may also be the root of mirrors
Martin Goellnitz / Mon Dec 26 23:36:25 2016 [91709650383e188b218064f12ac068eff8c9e4fa](https://github.com/mgoellnitz/trackdown/commit/91709650383e188b218064f12ac068eff8c9e4fa)
resolves #MERCURIAL now even shares most of the hook code with the git scenario
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# Roadmap
## mirror:
20% completed (1/5) - 80% in progress (4/5)
* BITBUCKET issue tracker offline mirror (in progress)
* GITHUB offline mirror (in progress)
* GITLAB offline mirror (in progress)
* GOGS and gitea offline mirror (in progress)
* REDMINE offline mirror (resolved)
## nth:
50% completed (1/2) - 0% in progress (0/2)
* MIRRORHOOK for update of the local mirror and roadmap for mirrored issue collections
* GRAPHICAL progress bar for iterations in roadmap (resolved)
## oos:
0% completed (0/1) - 100% in progress (1/1)
* NETBEANS interoperation not working due to missing hook implementation in JGit (in progress)