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# Star-ColorMap
This library maps a a real value to a color by interpolating between
pre-defined support points defined in palettes. Several common palettes are
provided by the library.
## How to build
Star-ColorMap is compatible GNU/Linux 64 bits. It relies on the
[CMake]( and the
[RCMake]( packages to build. It also depends
on the [RSys](, library.
First ensure that CMake is installed on your system. Then install the RCMake
package as well as the RSys prerequisite. Finally generate the project from the
`cmake/CMakeLists.txt` file by appending to the `CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH` variable
the install directories of its dependencies. The resulting project can be
edited, built, tested and installed as any CMake project. Refer to the [CMake
documentation]( for further informations on
## License
Copyright (C) 2020 [|Meso|Star>](
(<>). Star-ColorMap is free software released
under the GPL v3+ license: GNU GPL version 3 or later. You are welcome to
redistribute it under certain conditions; refer to the COPYING file for
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