Commit 59cfcf0f authored by Adam Monsen's avatar Adam Monsen

remove special journal settings

I find I now really prefer arbitrarily long lines in journal*.txt files.

I think because intra-line diffing works well now.
parent c151f33d
......@@ -421,13 +421,6 @@ function s:SpecfileSettings()
let g:spec_chglog_release_info = 1
" special journal settings
autocmd BufNewFile,Bufread journal*.txt call <SID>JournalSettings()
function s:JournalSettings()
setlocal spell spelllang=en_us
set tw=72
" Adapt to GRE word study lists
autocmd BufNewFile,Bufread */gre_prep/*word*.txt call <SID>QuizDBSettings()
function s:QuizDBSettings()
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