Commit f1a6e613 authored by Adam Monsen's avatar Adam Monsen

bashrc: add LOCATE_PATH

This is to support encrypted homedir indexing for `locate`.

See <>
parent 04afb2e4
......@@ -27,6 +27,12 @@ export DEBSIGN_KEYID=836F29C0
# recently visited. See
# Paired with a [ana]cronjob to create the file, this makes `locate` work even
# with an encrypted home dir. No-op if this file (or cronjob) is missing.
# Found at
# Example cronjob to update the file:
# @daily updatedb -l 0 -n '.cache .tmp' -o "$HOME/.var/locate.db"
export LOCATE_PATH="$HOME/.var/locate.db"
# force 256 colors in tmux so vim-airline looks good
alias tmux='tmux -2'
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