Commit 0e3da7dd authored by Daniel Menelkir's avatar Daniel Menelkir

new file: media-video/stremio-shell/files/server.js

	modified:   media-video/stremio-shell/stremio-shell-9999.ebuild
parent a36a7cf2
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......@@ -53,7 +53,9 @@ src_install() {
emake INSTALL_ROOT="$D" DESTDIR="${D}" install
dosym /opt/stremio/smartcode-stremio.desktop /usr/share/applications/smartcode-stremio.desktop
dosym /opt/stremio/stremio /opt/bin/stremio
dosym /usr/bin/node /opt/stremio/node
doicon ${FILESDIR}/smartcode-stremio.png
insinto /opt/stremio/
doins ${FILESDIR}/server.js
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