Commit d996f408 authored by derek-knox's avatar derek-knox
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use Micaeël's recommended approach for defaulting config settings vs manual re-iteration

parent a75a5eeb
......@@ -83,16 +83,9 @@ def get_plugin_configuration() -> Response:
settings = PluginSettingsService(db.session, project)
config = flatten(
settings.as_config(plugin, sources=[PluginSettingValueSource.DB]), reducer="dot"
settings.as_config(plugin), reducer="dot"
# Apply default config
for setting in settings.get_definition(plugin).settings:
key = setting["name"]
if not key in config:
if "value" in setting:
config[key] = setting["value"]
return jsonify(
# freeze the keys because they are used for lookups
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