Commit 5c7a1d9a authored by mark's avatar mark 🤔

reorder some things

parent 4293d569
......@@ -4,12 +4,11 @@ this thing finds faces in images and crops in on them and reposts them to the ch
it'll also respond to the text "ping" with "pong"
put your discord key in `config.json` as per `config.example.json`
has some dependencies, can't be bothered to make a `requirements.txt` right now
# how to do things
1. put your discord key in `config.json` as per `config.example.json`
1. create the directories `faces/` and `img_cache/`
2. run to do things
3. probably set up a cronjob to clear these directories every so often, the bot doesn't remove anything
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