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    • Resolves: tdf#90579 crash on undo formula-to-value on two formula cells · 586230c6
      when the two cells have different formula.
      On the undo we go from a single block of no-formulas to two blocks of one
      formula each and the ScFormulaCell*s which belong to the undo are deleted
      when they are transferred back to the ScDoc. Their pointers are still
      use but they are now dangling pointers.
      so on the undo...
      in include/mdds/multi_type_vector_def.inl we enter
      and do...
          // Get the new elements from the other container.
          blocks_type new_blocks;
              *blk_src->mp_data, src_offset, dst_block_index1, dst_offset1, dst_block_index2, dst_offset2, len, new_blocks);
      in ::exchange_elements
          element_block_func::assign_values_from_block(*blk->mp_data, src_data, src_offset, len);
      using gdb and...
      print ((const mdds::mtv::noncopyable_managed_element_block<54, ScFormulaCell> *)(m_blocks[0]->mp_data))->m_array[0]
      we can see that other now has the value of the ScFormulaCell* that will be deleted
      on return back to ::swap_single_to_multi_blocks we go to the src_offset == 0 and src_tail_len == 0 case which is
              if (src_tail_len == 0)
                  // the whole block needs to be replaced.
      print ((const mdds::mtv::noncopyable_managed_element_block<54, ScFormulaCell> *)(blk_src->mp_data))->m_array[0]
      confirms that our ScFormulaCell* is here also and delete_block deletes the full
      block and deletes the m_array which deletes the ScFormulaCell* and so its
      deleted there while also still assigned in the new_block above.
      The new block goes on to be inserted, but its all broken now because it refers
      to dead data.
      Presumably we need to either clear the part of the block that will be deleted
      of its transferred data at exchange time. Or overwrite its data with zero. Or
      swap at exchange time instead of copy. Or something of that nature anyway.
      Here I go with calling element_block_func::erase whether or not we delete the
      block which seems to do the right thing. Crash goes away anyway and make check
      here and there passes.
      Caolán McNamara committed
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