Commit 75df8b26 authored by Matěj Cepl's avatar Matěj Cepl
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Use curl (with --xattr) instead of wget.

parent ff1891bc
......@@ -38,7 +38,9 @@ while read podcast
if ! grep "$url" podcast.log > /dev/null
echo "Downloading ${url##*/} ..."
wget --config=/dev/null -q -4 -t 10 -U BashPodder -c -O $datadir/$(echo "$url" | awk -F'/' {'print $NF'} | awk -F'=' {'print $NF'} | awk -F'?' {'print $1'}) "$url"
target_file=$(echo "$url" | awk -F'/' {'print $NF'} | awk -F'=' {'print $NF'} | awk -F'?' {'print $1'})
curl --xattr -q -s -4 --retry 10 -A BashPodder -C - \
-o $datadir/$target_file "$url"
done < $BP_CONF
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