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Generate badges with f_max, DMIPS

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......@@ -2,6 +2,9 @@
![Fmax badge](
![Benchmark badge](
## Connecting ULX3S
You need to connect to USB1 (US1) connector to the host computer in order to program the board.
......@@ -34,3 +34,21 @@ Path("builds.html").write_text(template.render(
# Generate badges
# TODO: these should take information from "last successful build on master" or something like that, rather than just last build overall
reference_build = builds[0]
reference_clk = "$glbnet$clk_sys"
fmax_str = "%.1f MHz" % reference_build["build"]["fmax"][reference_clk]["achieved"]
fmax_str = "unknown"
dmips_str = "%.1f DMIPS" % reference_build["benchmark"]["dmips"]
dmips_str = "unknown"
Path("fmax.json").write_text(json.dumps(dict(schemaVersion=1, label="Fmax", message=fmax_str, color="orange")))
Path("dmips.json").write_text(json.dumps(dict(schemaVersion=1, label="Benchmark", message=dmips_str, color="blueviolet")))
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