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      mkvmerge: rewrite progress handling · f7ebdcd8
      Moritz Bunkus authored
      Before progress was measured in number of elements (frames/blocks) to
      process for those readers that could provide that information without
      processing the whole file (e.g. MP4, AVI). As those elements could
      have wildly varying sizes, each reader's `get_progress()` function
      returned its progres as a number in the range `[0..100]`.
      This meant, though, that the effort/time required to reach 100% could
      not be gauged from outside the reader. In situations such as appending
      files, mkvmerge's core had to guess which readers to use for
      progress. It did so looking for the longest chain of appended files
      and using its readers and their progress reports.
      This is obviously wrong even for simple cases: e.g. you have a single,
      huge M2TS and two text subtitle files. You append the two subtitle
      files and add the M2TS. The time for muxing was clearly dominated by
      the M2TS — but the progress was reported according to the tiny text
      subtitle files.
      After the rewrite the total progress is simply the total number of
      bytes of all source files. The current progress is roughly the sum of
      the number of bytes that have been processed for each source file.
      Fixes #2150 and #2330.
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      cosmetics: alignment · dd73dda3
      Moritz Bunkus authored
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