Verified Commit a1b193b5 authored by Moritz Bunkus's avatar Moritz Bunkus
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macOS packaging: update OS version compatibility in README.macOS.txt

parent 58c36681
......@@ -504,14 +504,16 @@ function build_dmg {
cp COPYING $dmgbase/COPYING.txt
cp $dmgbase/NEWS.txt
cat > $dmgbase/README.MacOS.txt <<EOF
MKVToolNix Mac OS specific notes
cat > $dmgbase/README.macOS.txt <<EOF
MKVToolNix macOS specific notes
Configuration files are stored in ~/.config/ and temporary
files are stored in the folder automatically set via TMPDIR.
This build works only with Mac OS X 10.9 and higher.
This build works only with macOS 10.11 "El Capitan" or newer. Older
releases that work on older macOS versions can be found at
If you need the command line tools then copy mkvextract, mkvinfo,
mkvmerge and mkvproedit from ./MKVToolNix-${MTX_VER}/Contents/MacOS/
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