Commit 7300a854 authored by Michael Büsch's avatar Michael Büsch

b43-asm: Change JMP emulation from JE to JEXT

The external condition 0x7F is always true. This is what is supposed to be used
for an unconditional jump.
Signed-off-by: Michael Büsch's avatarMichael Buesch <>
parent 15e6569e
......@@ -571,19 +571,20 @@ static void emulate_jmp_insn(struct assembler_context *ctx,
struct instruction em_insn;
struct operlist em_ol;
struct operand em_op;
struct immediate em_imm;
/* This is a pseudo-OP. We emulate it by JE */
em_insn.op = OP_JE;
em_imm.imm = 1;
em_op.type = OPER_IMM;
em_op.u.imm = &em_imm;
em_ol.oper[0] = &em_op;
em_ol.oper[1] = &em_op;
em_ol.oper[2] = insn->operands->oper[0];
struct immediate em_condition;
struct operand em_cond_op;
/* This is a pseudo-OP. We emulate it with
* JEXT 0x7F, target */
em_insn.op = OP_JEXT;
em_condition.imm = 0x7F; /* Ext cond: Always true */
em_cond_op.type = OPER_IMM;
em_cond_op.u.imm = &em_condition;
em_ol.oper[0] = &em_cond_op;
em_ol.oper[1] = insn->operands->oper[0]; /* Target */
em_insn.operands = &em_ol;
assemble_instruction(ctx, &em_insn); /* recurse */
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