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......@@ -38,6 +38,22 @@ There is no need to set up anything else. The PiLC image is pre-configured so th
<a href="doc/pic/pilc/connection2.png"><img src="doc/pic/pilc/connection2.png" alt="awlsim-gui" /></a>
## Connection failure
If the connection fails with the following error message, it might be due to a failed SSH authentication:<br />
<a href="doc/pic/pilc/connection3.png"><img src="doc/pic/pilc/connection3.png" alt="awlsim-gui" /></a>
This will happen, if you re-install PiLC on the Raspberry Pi.<br />
Re-installing PiLC generates new SSH keys and therefore causes subsequent authentications to fail.
To fix this delete the SSH authentication (`known_hosts` entry) on the PC (*not* on the Raspberry Pi).
If you are using OpenSSH/Linux on the PC, enter the following command into a command prompt:
`ssh-keygen -R`
Replace `` with the IP address of your Raspberry Pi.
## How do I get my PLC program onto PiLC?
Just connect to PiLC (see previous chapter) and click the `download` button in the Awlsim GUI. This will transfer the program over to the PiLC.<br />
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