Commit a66c4d76 authored by Michael Büsch's avatar Michael Büsch

gui/fup_grid: Use rounded integers to draw grid

Signed-off-by: Michael Büsch's avatarMichael Buesch <>
parent 36409ec7
......@@ -244,8 +244,8 @@ class FupGrid(object):
if not lineSeg:
return # Zero length line
painter.drawLine(lineSeg.pointA.x, lineSeg.pointA.y,
lineSeg.pointB.x, lineSeg.pointB.y)
painter.drawLine(lineSeg.pointA.xInt, lineSeg.pointA.yInt,
lineSeg.pointB.xInt, lineSeg.pointB.yInt)
self.__lines.append(self.Line(wire, lineSeg))
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