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awlsim - STEP 7 compatibility
The execution of AWL/STL programs by awlsim is supposed to be fully
compatible with the execution of compiled AWL/STL programs on the real
Siemens S7 CPU.
However, there currently are some known differences. These are listed below.
- First of all: Any undocumented difference between awlsim and STEP 7 is
considered to be a bug.
- awlsim does not implement all features of STEP 7, yet.
See TODO.txt for a list of missing features.
- awlsim does not compile AWL/STL to MC7 code and it cannot execute MC7 code.
On startup awlsim translates the AWL/STL code to an awlsim specific in-memory
representation of the code. There is no byte-code representation for this
- Some key concepts, such as CALL or memory indirect adressing are implemented
natively on awlsim. That means CALL is not a macro in awlsim. This improves
runtime performance. From a user's perspective there should not be any
functional difference visible. Any such difference is a bug.
=== Incomplete awlsim TODO list ===
S7 compatibility:
- User defined data types (UDT)
- Support for .awlpro in awlsimgui
- Early error, if constant is assigned to FB/FC OUT/INOUT parameter.
- Parsing of attributes
- POINTER and DB-pointer immediates
- ANY pointer
- Multiinstance
nice to have:
- Support for .awlpro in awlsimgui
- Throw an early error, if constant is assigned to FB/FC OUT/INOUT parameter.
- English mnemonics for status-word bits
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