Fabric project to deploy Mayan EDMS

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Mayan EDMS Fabric installation file

Supported operating systems (os=): [u'debian', u'ubuntu'], default='ubuntu'
Supported database managers (database_manager=): [u'pgsql'], default='pgsql'
Supported webservers (webserver=): [u'nginx'], default='nginx'

Available commands:

install                             Perform a complete install of Mayan EDMS on a host
servers                             Set destination servers or server groups by comma delimited list of names
uninstall                           Perform a complete removal of Mayan EDMS from a host
databases.create_database           Create the Mayan EDMS database
databases.create_user               Create the Mayan EDMS user
databases.drop_database             Drop Mayan EDMS's database
databases.drop_user                 Drop Mayan EDMS's user
mayan_edms.base_config              Create base settings/local.py file
mayan_edms.celery_config            Tailor settings/local.py file to the task queue manager selected
mayan_edms.collect_static           Perform Django's collectstatic command
mayan_edms.database_config          Tailor settings/local.py file to the database manager selected
mayan_edms.initial_setup            Setup Mayan EDMS for use
platforms.delete_mayan              Delete Mayan EDMS from the OS
platforms.fix_permissions           Fix installation files' permissions
platforms.install_database_manager  Install the selected database manager
platforms.install_dependencies      Install OS dependencies
platforms.install_mayan             Install Mayan EDMS
platforms.install_redis             Install the selected redis package
platforms.install_supervisor        Installing the OS packages for the process supervisor
platforms.install_webserver         Installing the OS packages for the webserver
platforms.post_install              Perform post install operations
server_config.servers               Set destination servers or server groups by comma delimited list of names
webservers.install_site             Install Mayan EDMS site in the webserver configuration files
webservers.reload                   Reload webserver configuration files
webservers.remove_site              Install Mayan EDMS's site file from the webserver's configuration
webservers.restart                  Restart the webserver


Invoke the desired command using Fabric's fab executable and specify the IP address of the host on which to execute:

fab install -H


Install the vagrant fabric plugin:

vagrant plugin vagrant-fabric

Provision the box with:

vagrant up

Installation should progress and an install of Mayan EDMS be usable from the IP address of the provisioned box.