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    Add support for document index event triggers · af3dee49
    Roberto Rosario authored
    Historically document indexes used hard coded signals to trigger
    an index update. The indexing app was updated to now use events
    to trigger these updates.
    This has the additional benefits of allowing runtime configuration
    of the index event triggers, disabling the ones not relevant for
    an index to improve performance.
    New document indexes default to update on all available document
    events. Existing indexes will me automatically migrated and
    updated to update on all available document events.
    New workflow events: `workflow instance created` committed when a new
    workflow is launched for a document and
    `workflow instance transitioned` committed when a workflow instance is
    transitioned to a new state, either manually or automatically.
    Track the user when a new workflow instance is created or transitioned.
    Optimize the document indexing by reusing the index instance node if it
    already exists.
    Index updates now support more events like adding or removal from
    cabinets. Closes GitLab issue #631. Thanks to Tobias Huhn (@twhuhn
    for the request.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarRoberto Rosario <roberto.rosario@mayan-edms.com>