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In the account settings, look for the section \textsc{Devices}. You can rename your devices by clicking on their name, and you can also \textsc{Delete} them.
\section{Integrations and bridges}
\section{Bridges and integrations}
\subsection{Joining an IRC channel}
Bridges allow you to connect your Matrix rooms to other communicational platforms, such as IRC, Slack, and Gitter. Thanks to this, your contacts can continue using their preferred platforms and keep in touch with you while you're on Matrix.
Integrations, on the other hand, can be considered bots that can have a wide range of functions invited to a room. For example, the RSS bot checks the RSS or Atom channels of blogs, news sites etc., and sends a notification to the room whenever a new post has been published. The GitHub bot allows you to interact with your project hosted there (e.g.\ create issues) or automatically announce activities about your repositories.
The availability of bridges and integrations depend on the configuration of the homeserver you're using. If you host your own server, you can set up any, even the ones written by you! See \href{}{this guide on application services} and \href{}{this list of available application services} for more information.
To add/remove bridges and integrations, go to the room settings and click on \textsc{Manage integrations}. There, select the one you'd like to use or change and follow the instructions.
\subsection{Example: joining an IRC channel}
Riot, while using an account registered on \url{}, supports joining IRC channels out of the box! The current requirement, however, is that the channels need to be hosted on Freenode, Snoonet, OFTC, Mozilla or W3.
You can join an IRC channel by either opening \textsc{Integration management} mentioned above or submitting the slash command
/join #_<irchost>_#<channelname>
which will create an empty Matrix room and bridge it together with the channel you want to join.
\section{Further information and support}
Do you have a question you haven't found your answer to? Feel free to visit one of the following Matrix rooms and ask away: \href{}{Riot}, \href{}{Riot for Android}, \href{}{Riot for iOS}.
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