Commit c01ebf64 authored by maxigaz's avatar maxigaz

Highlight colour in combo box in email settings

parent f1b771f1
......@@ -124,6 +124,10 @@
border-color: rgb(53, 53, 53);
.select-box-kit, .select-box-kit, .select-kit, .select-kit {
background-color: #323221;
.select-box-kit .select-box-kit-filter .filter-input, .select-box-kit .select-box-kit-filter .filter-input:focus, .select-box-kit .select-box-kit-filter .filter-input:active, .select-box-kit .select-kit-filter .filter-input, .select-box-kit .select-kit-filter .filter-input:focus, .select-box-kit .select-kit-filter .filter-input:active, .select-kit .select-box-kit-filter .filter-input, .select-kit .select-box-kit-filter .filter-input:focus, .select-kit .select-box-kit-filter .filter-input:active, .select-kit .select-kit-filter .filter-input, .select-kit .select-kit-filter .filter-input:focus, .select-kit .select-kit-filter .filter-input:active {
border: none !important;
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