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    top: minimal necessary corrections to the man document · dad56cc9
    jim warner authored
    After experimenting with those 4.5 kernel enhancements
    to /proc/<pid>/status, that newly added overview topic
    'Memory Types' was found to be in need of some tweaks.
    In addition, the 'DATA' description wasn't quite broad
    enough since explicit private file mappings impact it.
    ( lastly, for the record, the 2nd commit referred to )
    ( below contained an incorrect reference that should )
    ( have been the original issue 21 commit. instead it )
    ( showed an invalid SHA-1 hash. i believe i have now )
    ( identified a flaw in my workflow that produced it. )
    . original patch responding to issue #21
    commit e4bbd3ca
    . subsequent patch with invalid commit ref
    commit 5dcbcd00Signed-off-by: jim warner's avatarJim Warner <james.warner@comcast.net>
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