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      ps: exploit enhanced library memory allocation provisions · 229be7b1
      jim warner authored
      There were numerous ps memory allocation inconsistencies.
      Some were checked for failure and others were not.
      The program was modified to utilize the library memory
      rouines which are consistent in dealing with errors.
      (a few changes simply removed trailing whitespace)
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    • jim warner's avatar
      top: provide own SIGRTMAX, if not already defined · 80e2f59e
      jim warner authored
      Protect against a compile failure, as on HURD.
        top.c:2102:13: error: 'SIGRTMAX' undeclared (first use in this function)
    • jim warner's avatar
      top: circumvent a false positive smatch error · 1e4447d1
      jim warner authored
        The smatch error --------------
      top.c +1414 calibrate_fields(78) error: buffer overflow 'Fieldstab' 39 <= 39
        The code -----------------------
      if (P_MAXPFLGS < f) { w->endpflg = i; continue; }
        The background -----------------
      The enum P_MAXPFLGS is strictly a fencepost and can *never* appear in
      the arrays pflgsall or procflgs.  Thus it (39th element) cannot be used
      in referencing Fieldstab.
      However, two enums of higher value (X_XON=40 and X_XOF=41) *can* appear
      in those arrays.  But the test against the fencepost ensures that those
      two enums are *never* used in referencing Fieldstab.
      When the analyzer sees the conditional using '<' and not '<='
      it reports a false positive.
      The source was changed to accommodate the tool's deficiency
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      top: forest view segmentation fault, the final solution · cd608f46
      jim warner authored
      With forest view mode under procps-ng-3.3.0, top would catch
      a SEGV and exit.  The problem was thought to be related to
      some linux version 3 anamoly.
      In procps-ng-3.3.1, top was protected from abnormal exit and
      would display the offending processes with the special orphan
      notation '?', instead of the usual artwork.
      As it turns out, the problem wasn't with linux and could
      surface under a 2.6.xx kernel,  The cause was an occasional
      abnormal ordering of tid/tgid/ppid which went unresolved
      due to a progressive proc table scan in the recursive
      function forest_add().
      By default the proc table scan now restarts at the beginning.
      However, a #define TREE_ONEPASS is provided should one wish
      to restore the 3.3.1 behavior with its reduced overhead.
    • jim warner's avatar
      top: correct an obscure column highlighting buglet · 242be519
      jim warner authored
      An anomaly would surface whenever the sort column was
      made non-display under fields management.
      The scroll message would report incorrect x coordinates
      and the 'x' toggle would produce an unintentional
      horizontal scroll.
      This patch forces column highlighting off whenever field
      changes are made (as is done for horizontal scrolling).
      It also inactivates the 'x' toggle whenever the sort
      column is not visible.
      This bug has yet to be reported.
    • jim warner's avatar
      top: improve the most heavily used library interface · c8bbcec5
      jim warner authored
      In the procs_refresh() function:
      . the proctable scan was simplified
      . memory allocation is now much more efficient
      . window ppts will usually not now need xrealloc
    • jim warner's avatar
      top: exploit enhanced library memory allocation provisions · 88087ec5
      jim warner authored
      Now that the library allows for customizing the response to
      memory allocation errors, it is no longer necessary for top
      to provide its own.
      This library extension was necessary since top modifies the
      termios structure and there would otherwise be no way to
      restore the users tty.
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    • jim warner's avatar
      library: create cmdlines consistently with no trailing space · a5881b5a
      jim warner authored
      When PROC_FILLARG was used (invoking file2strvec)
      command lines contained no trailing space.
      When PROC_EDITCMDLCVT was used (invoking read_unvectored)
      command lines contained a trailing space.
      Now both routes to a cmdline act the same -- no trailing space.
    • jim warner's avatar
      library: provide for huge cmdlines, like old libproc · ed594723
      jim warner authored
      The CodingStyle document suggests programs should allow for
      cmdlines of at least 128k.  Only the ps program can display
      such a cmdline, and only with multiple -w switches.
      The library function file2strvec can essentially return
      a cmdline of unlimited length.  However, the library function
      fill_cmdline_cvt used an arbitrary upper limit of 2048 for
      buffers automatically allocated on the stack.
      This patch raises the fill_cmdline_cvt upper limit to 128k via
      dymaically acquired utility buffers ensured by the openproc
      It also makes indentation consistent in the openproc function.
    • jim warner's avatar
      library: exploit enhanced library memory allocation provisions · 82733487
      jim warner authored
      There were numerous library memory allocation inconsistencies.
      Some were checked for failure and others were not.
      All library source modules were modified to utilize the alloc.h
      memory rouines which are consistent in dealing with errors.
    • jim warner's avatar
      library: expanded/generalized memory allocation provisions · 7126cc44
      jim warner authored
      A callback provision in the form of xalloc_err_handler
      (of type message_fn) was added to the alloc module.
      This change allowed a program like top, who alters the
      termios structure, to override the default fprint(stderr...)
      behavior in the event of an error.
      The new function xstrdup was also added for symmetry.
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      slabtop check has optional spaces at start of line · db602e1d
      Craig Small authored
      There is a race condition between expect script consuming the output
      from slabtop. There were a sequences of lines that looked like
      ^\d+ ... \s*
      with the last \s* consuming the first space on the start of the line.
      However if the line takes too long to print, then expect stops there and
      the space at the start of the subsquent line does not match.
      The solution is a \s* at the start ofthe line.
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