Commit d936f62e authored by Craig Small's avatar Craig Small

documentation: rewrite for shared in free

Minor tweaks in the free manual page
* Removed author section. It's wrong and strongly discouraged
  by the man page standards.
* Moved note about shared not in old kernels into bugs sections
as this is not relevant for most people and declutters the top

References: Craig Small's avatarCraig Small <>
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......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
.\" This page Copyright (C) 1993 Matt Welsh,
.\" Long options where added at April 15th, 2011.
.\" Freely distributable under the terms of the GPL
.TH FREE 1 "Apr 2015" "procps-ng" "User Commands"
.TH FREE 1 "Jul 2016" "procps-ng" "User Commands"
free \- Display amount of free and used memory in the system
......@@ -25,8 +25,7 @@ Used memory (calculated as \fBtotal\fR - \fBfree\fR - \fBbuffers\fR - \fBcache\f
Unused memory (MemFree and SwapFree in /proc/meminfo)
Memory used (mostly) by tmpfs (Shmem in /proc/meminfo, available on
kernels 2.6.32, displayed as zero if not available)
Memory used (mostly) by tmpfs (Shmem in /proc/meminfo)
Memory used by kernel buffers (Buffers in /proc/meminfo)
......@@ -137,14 +136,15 @@ Display version information.
memory information
The value for the \fBshared\fR column is not available from kernels before
2.6.32 and is displayed as zero.
Please send bug reports to
.BR ps (1),
.BR slabtop (1),
.BR top "(1),
.BR vmstat (8).
Written by Brian Edmonds.
Please send bug reports to
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