Commit c69b0243 authored by jim warner's avatar jim warner Committed by Craig Small

NEWS: update (and reorganize) with accumulated changes

For what could be our last oldlib release, why not try
to make the NEWS a little more readable. So, it's been
reorganized by category and bug fixes were out-dented.
Signed-off-by: jim warner's avatarJim Warner <>
parent 400bbcb0
* ps: sort by cgroup Debian #692279
* build: formerly optional --enable-oomem unconditional
* free: man document rewritten for shared Debian #755233
* free: interpret intervals in non-locale way Debian #692113
* kill: report error if cannot kill process Debian #733172
* library: refine calculation of 'cached' memory
* library: find tty quicker Debian #770215
* library: eliminate threads display inconsistencies Redhat #1284091
* pidof: check cmd if space found in argv0
* pmap: fixed detail parsing on long mapping lines
* pmap: fix occasional incorrect memory usage values Redhat #1262864
* ps: sort by cgroup Debian #692279
* ps: display control group name with -o cgname
* ps: Fallback to attr/current for context Debian #786956
* tests: Conditionally add prctl Debian #816237
* pidof: check cmd if space in argv0. GitLab #4
* kill: report error if cannot kill process Debian #733172
* watch: Add hostname to header
* library: Find tty quicker Debian #770215
* watch,free: use locale-independent float Debian #692113
* ps: fallback to attr/current for context Debian #786956
* ps: enabled broken 'thcount' option Redhat #1174313
* tests: conditionally add prctl Debian #816237
* top: displays the 3 new linux-4.5 RES memory fields
* top: man page memory fields corrected + new narrative
* top: added display of CGNAME (control group name)
* top: is now more responsive to cpus brought online
* top: namespace cols use suppressible zero
* top: zero suppress ('0') includes out-of-memory & nice
* top: better 'i' toggle management when scrolled
* top: the '=' key now includes active locate requests
* vmstat: devices exceeding 15 chars now displayed Redhat #586078
* watch: hostname added to header
* watch: correctly interprets the esc[m sequence
* watch: use locale-independent float Debian #692113
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