Commit ab0b00a2 authored by Craig Small's avatar Craig Small

build-sys: Re vert noinst and check programs

Previously there was a commit to change all noinst_PROGRAMS into
check_PROGRAMS. This was not a good idea.

check_PROGRAMS are built before TESTS are run. However they are
NOT build before the dejagnu tests are run, causing those tests
to fail.

If the program is required for dejagnu, it needs to go into
If the program is required for TESTS or is one of those TESTS,
it needs to go into check_PROGRAMS
parent cf132605
......@@ -226,18 +226,17 @@ ps_pscommand_SOURCES = \
ps/stacktrace.c \
TESTS = lib/test_strtod_nol
# Test programs not used by dejagnu but run directly
# Note sure why this is needed but it breaks without it
check: $(check_PROGRAMS)
# lib/test_* binaries
check_PROGRAMS = \
# Test programs required for dejagnu
noinst_PROGRAMS = \
lib/test_strutils \
lib/test_fileutils \
lib/test_nsutils \
lib/test_process \
lib_test_strutils_SOURCES = lib/test_strutils.c lib/strutils.c
lib_test_strutils_LDADD = $(CYGWINFLAGS)
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