Commit 717d73f1 authored by jim warner's avatar jim warner Committed by Craig Small

top: tweaks to vertical scroll management & 'i' toggle

The commit referenced below claims to disable vertical
scrolling when idle tasks weren't being shown. However
it really addresses only a point in time when that 'i'
toggle is keyed. Left untouched were the up/down keys.

So this commit will simply finish the job of disabling
vertical scrolling whenever tasks which have used some
CPU are the only ones which are currently being shown.

commit c07f6c5eSigned-off-by: jim warner's avatarJim Warner <>
parent 1af18812
......@@ -4730,10 +4730,10 @@ static void keys_window (int ch) {
case kbd_UP:
if (VIZCHKw(w)) if (0 < w->begtask) w->begtask -= 1;
if (VIZCHKw(w)) if (CHKw(w, Show_IDLEPS) && 0 < w->begtask) w->begtask -= 1;
case kbd_DOWN:
if (VIZCHKw(w)) if (w->begtask < Frame_maxtask - 1) w->begtask += 1;
if (VIZCHKw(w)) if (CHKw(w, Show_IDLEPS) && (w->begtask < Frame_maxtask - 1)) w->begtask += 1;
#ifdef USE_X_COLHDR // ------------------------------------
case kbd_LEFT:
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