Commit 2e4959ba authored by Craig Small's avatar Craig Small

library: dont use vm_min_free on non-Linux systems

For a specific slice of kernel versions we can get a better
estimate of the available memory before the "real" available
figure appears around kernel 3.2

However, that middle method requires a /proc/sys/vm directory.
FreeBSD 9.x used to emulate a < 2.6.27 kernel procfs meaning
it never tried the middle method. FreeBSD 10.x emulates something
more modern, but without the available figure and without a
/proc/sys/vm, so the library falls into a hole.

Hurd may to one day have this bug so we'll exclude him as well
as its triggered by whatever number appears in

 commit 3f3b1a59
parent 63f8c16f
* watch: define HOST_NAME_MAX where not defined Debian #830734
* library: dont use vm_min_free on non Linux Debian #831396
......@@ -719,6 +719,7 @@ nextline:
/* zero? might need fallback for 2.6.27 <= kernel <? 3.14 */
if (!kb_main_available) {
#ifdef __linux__
if (linux_version_code < LINUX_VERSION(2, 6, 27))
kb_main_available = kb_main_free;
else {
......@@ -734,6 +735,9 @@ nextline:
if (mem_available < 0) mem_available = 0;
kb_main_available = (unsigned long)mem_available;
kb_main_available = kb_main_free;
#endif /* linux */
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