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created: 2021-06-26T15:50:46+02:00
title: Logging to registries with Toolbox
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tags: [fedora, toolbox, Linux, silver blue, testing]
modified: 2021-06-26T16:45:28+02:00
tags: [fedora, toolbox, linux, silver blue, testing]
modified: 2021-06-26T16:45:49+02:00
In version [0.0.99]( of Toolbox we added support for UBI, Universal Base Image, which serve for getting a "Toolbox-ready" environment. While the feature will be a subject of several changes including a change of the used image (which will, of course, remain being UBI-based), the potential use on RHEL (where we are trying to get Toolbox) showed one major shortcoming of Toolbox: no support for registries with authentication.
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