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Update on intervaltree implementation

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......@@ -376,13 +376,14 @@ def test_dimensions(pdf_document, config):
# If there are two columns, the gutter should be in the middle.
gutter = list(sorted(full_tree_x))[2]
# Margins are the first and last intervals
left_margin = list(sorted(full_tree_x))[0]
right_margin = list(sorted(full_tree_x))[-1]
top_margin = list(sorted(full_tree_y))[0]
bottom_margin = list(sorted(full_tree_y))[-1]
# Margins are the first and last intervals, the ignored parts
# are the left and right columns.
left_margin, _, gutter, _, right_margin = list(sorted(full_tree_x))
# For top and bottom margins, we only know they are the first and
# last elements in the list
full_tree_y_list = list(sorted(full_tree_y))
top_margin, bottom_margin = full_tree_y_list[::len(full_tree_y_list)-1]
gutter_width = get_interval_width(gutter)
left_margin_width = get_interval_width(left_margin)
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