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......@@ -241,6 +241,6 @@ In this post we extend this work and make a complete pipeline that also be run l
We have constructed a simple pipeline for compiling LaTeX documents in a Docker container. This fulfills the requirements that our repository shall be complete and exercisable {% cite Monperrus2018 Artifact18:online %}.
To quickly get started, you can [fork my repository on Gitlab](https://gitlab.com/martisak/latex-pipeline/-/forks/new).
To quickly get started, you can [fork my repository on Gitlab](https://gitlab.com/martisak/latex-pipeline/-/forks/new) or use the `cookiecutter` [template provided here](https://gitlab.com/martisak/latex-template).
In upcoming posts we will further look into [defining test cases for documents]({% post_url 2020-05-16-latex-test-cases %}), complicating the build with Pandoc and other tricks to annoy your co-authors.
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