1. 03 Nov, 2016 2 commits
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      Added a leading '0' to the numbers of lists · 217e4f4f
      Martin Singer authored
      Changes to be committed:
      	modified:   README.md
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      Initial commit · 8c5af76e
      Martin Singer authored
      * Added a README.md with instructions about creating own libs and
      * Added schematic lib "EKB" (Ergonomic Keyboard)
        - Includes a simple switch
      * Added footprint lib "Cherry-MX.pretty"
        - Includes footprints for "Cherry-MX1A-E1NN"
      * Added 3D models for "Cherry-MX1A-E1NW" for the footprint
      * Added a LICENSE.md file with GPL
      Changes to be committed:
      	new file:   LICENSE.md
      	new file:   README.md
      	new file:   footprints/Cherry-MX.pretty/Cherry-MX1A-E1NN.kicad_mod
      	new file:   library/EKB.dcm
      	new file:   library/EKB.lib
      	new file:   modules/packages3d/Cherry-MX/Cherry-MX1A-E1NW.wings
      	new file:   modules/packages3d/Cherry-MX/Cherry-MX1A-E1NW.wrl